Below is a photographic timeline starting in 1972,
spanning half a century of Rick's career.

Loaded with information, photos, and video,
this work has been compiled through the efforts and contributions of various individuals.



The 1970's
History Makin', Country Shakin'

With nearly half a century of musical experience,
Rick's love and life of music dates back to Chicago in the '60s
when he and his brother would listen to Elvis and The Beatles.
Beginning with his junior high band, The Britains, Rick began
experimenting in songwriting and playing the latest hits of the '50s and '60s,
including some songs from The King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley.

As the '60s came to a close, a new journey was beginning
for this young teenager from Halsted and Armitage.

The 1970's had begun, bringing something even Rick couldn't imagine...

Rick Saucedo began his professional career in 1972 at the age of seventeen,
while still attending Schurz High School. He and his newly-joined band,
“The Ambassadors”, worked nightly at many local clubs and lounges.

As people began to take notice of this young, talented kid
with the Elvis act, he was approached by larger venues and talents.

(Rick Saucedo, Age 17, 1972)

 A few years later, he would be opening for The Monkees at the Chicago Theater
and performing at other large-scale venues. Much as Elvis was doing at the time,
Rick was touring with his band.

(Above: Rick Saucedo, Chicago Theatre)

In '76, he released his first album, Rick Saucedo Live, on vinyl.
By 1977 Rick had performed at the Cabaret in Winnipeg, Canada
and from there he was asked to star in the Broadway play,
“The Legend Lives On” in 1978, following the passing of Presley.
He performed six nights a week
 for five months, never using a stand-in.
He helped arrange the music for the title song, “The Legend Lives On”,
also written by veteran Elvis songwriter - Doc Pomus. Elvis’ background vocal group,
The Jordanaires, accompanied Rick in the play as well as
D.J. Fontana, Elvis’ drummer. A year later, Rick took the "Legend" show on the road
and played the Stardust in Las Vegas, again accompanied by The Jordanaires and D.J. Fontana.

           (Pictured above: Rick Saucedo Show, Stardust, Las Vegas, NV: 1979)

(Click the link below for video from the 1978 Broadway Play)
Rick Saucedo Live on Broadway, 1978


            (Pictured above: Rick Saucedo, Late-1970's)

Later that year, Rick was approached to star as the title role in the 1979 film, Elvis.
Rick, being a true tribute artist, was ready to show the world everything he had.
Unfortunately, Hollywood had other plans: Rick was told Ronnie McDowell
would sing the vocals while Rick would lipsync, and do the talking and acting.
Nothing against Ronnie, but Rick felt this was too constricting and would not
be a fair demonstration or performance, so he declined.
Kurt Russell would go on to take the role, instead.


           ( Pictured above: Rick Saucedo [left] and The Jordanaires [group-right] )



             (Pictured above: The Ambassadors/Rick Saucedo Show)



The 1980's
Rock All Night Long

By the 1980's, Rick was exploring every plateau of his talents. By the '80s,
Rick had released 2 albums and was ready to multitask. In '81, Rick joined
the band, Redwing, who rocked and rolled through the hits of John Lennon,
Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Badfinger, Queen, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, and of course,
Elvis and Rick's own original material. The big Redwing single that spawned
from this effort was "Love Is A Game" and "Our Love".

(Click here to catch a glimpse of Redwing)

 (Pictured at right: Rick Saucedo 1980) --->

After Redwing, Rick cut the hair and trimmed the sideburns
as he joined with Johnny Starr and The Meteors.
Rick paid tribute to the earlier years of Elvis and the tightly-knit band
went on to rock and roll from stage to screen.
The group performed on TV and it looked just like this:

(Click here to watch Rick Saucedo and The Meteors)


           (Pictured above: Rick Saucedo 1982




In 1989, Rick teamed up with John Cusack and Mike Myers
in Elvis Stories, a film written and directed by Ben Stiller.
It was more of a loose, fun gig than
a full-hearted tribute,
but Rick took the opportunity to loosen up a little.


<--- (Pictured at left: Rick Saucedo, 1982)


           (Pictured above: Rick Saucedo 1980's)


         (Pictured above: Rick Saucedo 1980's)




(Pictured below: Rick in British Import as John Lennon, 1990 [bottom-right])


The 1990's
I Will Stay

The '90s were a busy decade for Rick, in terms of songwriting, performing, and traveling. He reunited
with The Ambassadors in 1994 after a long break-up and began to revolutionize the live performance style
by adding backing tracks instead of a live band, which opened up a whole new door to performing. Rick
did not like to use tracks early on, but that changed after Aruba.

(Pictured above: Rick Saucedo during 1994 Ambassadors Reunion)

The 1990's also saw Rick powering the long-running Elvis Birthday Tribute Spectacular at the
Star Plaza Theatre. Rick remained with the tour from its beginning through 1998, and then
again in 2007, and 2012. This tour allowed Rick to reunite once again with legendary drummer,
D.J. Fontana.

(Click here to watch Rick rehearse with D.J. and others)

In 1998, Rick performed as a solo act at the Alahambra Theatre in Aruba.
He played nightly to a full house for an entire month. The success was overwhelming, leading
to the Theatre asking Rick to stay longer, but his fans back home missed him, and he missed home.
 Upon his return to the states, Rick began performing with backing tracks.
 Not only does Rick enjoy performing to his own customized tracks,
but most venues prefer this type of show as well.
Rick’s audience appreciates the close interaction
that performing with tracks allows, as well as the accuracy,
authenticity, and professionalism that comes with Rick's backing track production.
For larger venues and festivals, Rick will still perform with a live band.


(Pictured above: J.D. Sumner of The Stamps and Rick, 1995. Photo Credit: L.K.)

(Pictured below: Rick Saucedo and The Stamps Quartet, 1995. Photo Credit: L.K.)


In 1999, Rick finished writing and releasing his greatest original achievement:
"Memphis, I'm Coming Home". The album brought balance to Rick's entire career,
successfully merging the style of Elvis with something entirely new and original.
The album hit shelves in music stores and the promotional tour began.

(Click here to watch Rick promote his new album on TV in 1999)



(Pictured Above: Rick during one of his well-known smoke productions)

(Pictured Below: Rick during one his elaborate Halloween productions)


The 2000's
It's Good To See You All

Recording original music as well as his favorite cover tunes
kept Rick busy recording on a regular basis in the 2000s.
Having realized there were many fans who still remembered
the early days with The Ambassadors,
Rick began recording new songs with The Ambassadors.


(Pictured below: Rick during Ambassador recording sessions, 2006,
followed by their album release, History Makin', Country Shakin')

Fans have always enjoyed the balance between Rick’s impeccable Elvis style
as well as his own original talent he incorporates into his shows.
Rick’s creativity flows no matter what type of show he is performing. He has pioneered effects
such as his smoke-filled American Trilogy rendition; copied by acts local, national, and worldwide;
as well as in television and movies. He has also been among the first to direct
and perform elaborate Halloween shows centered around his and the music of others.
Rick has also taken the painstakingly produced 1978 Broadway play
he starred in and had converted the whole show into a surreal backing track version
that was an enormous success in 2001.

(Click here to see the 2001 Broadway Recreation)

In 2002, Rick was given the honor of singing
the National Anthem for the Chicago White Sox on Elvis Night,
as he performed in front of a crowd of over 30,000.

His talents had not gone unnoticed over the decade.
He was voted “Best Male Entertainer”
in the reader’s poll of the Suburban Nitelife Magazine in 2001.
In 2003 he was awarded “Best Solo Performer”,
by the readers of the Suburban Nitelife Magazine
and was again voted “Best Solo Performer” in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
In 2009 Rick was nominated for "Best Solo Performer"
and won "Best Lounge Act" in the Suburban Nitelife Magazine Poll.

Throughout the 2000's, Rick reinvented himself again - making changes in his production style,
lifestyle, entourage, bands of choice, and musical selection. Most importantly, Rick launched
into cyberspace.
In January 2008 Rick's official MySpace was created as he began
his first steps into social media.

In March of 2009, Heartbeat Radio launched: an exclusive online radio station devoted
to Rick's songbook. The shows gave his fans an in-depth look
at the driving force behind his music.

Rick then joined Facebook in May of 2009
and has since reconnected with many fans and friends from
over the years, in addition to reaching new people.

In September of 2009,
The Fan's Choice Project was conducted
and many of Rick's fans voted for their favorite original songs.
With 30+ years of music written,
fans had almost 50 songs to choose from.
The voting ended and the project culminated with the recording
of Rick's first career-spanning album - which featured the songs that were voted in by the fans.
It spans his original music from 1978 through 2009.
The Once Again: The Greatest Hits album was released in October 2009
and represents the gifted talent for original music that Rick has.

After viewing Rick on YouTube, Sweden's foremost Rockabilly Band,
The Sun Cats invited Rick to perform with them.
In March 2009, he broke the attendance record at the venue in Umea, Sweden
and filled the house in Lulea, Sweden.

(Pictured below: Rick rehearses (left) and performs (right) in Sweden)




(Pictured below: Rick Saucedo and The Ambassadors, 2010)


The 2010's
The Legend Lives On

2010 marked the beginning of the fifth decade of Rick's career. In 2012, Rick celebrated
40 years in the business, a landmark that has placed him in an unprecedented, elite class of ETAs.



In recognition of this accomplishment, Rick has been awarded the
"Lifetime Achievement Award" in the inaugural HEART OF THE KING Awards
for Elvis Tribute Artists. Rick received the award on July 29th, 2011 at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Longtime friend Dan Lentino of The Ambassadors presented the award
and Rick received it from Sweet Inspiration Estelle Brown.
This was done on the exact stage that Elvis himself called home in Las Vegas.

In August of 2011, Rick returned to Memphis, Tennessee to perform there
for the first time in over 30 years. He was the headliner at the inaugural
King Of The World event from the Elvis Entertainers Network (EEN).
During Rick's Saturday night performance on August 13th,
he was surprised with another tremendous honor...
the first inductee into the Elvis Tribute Artist Hall of Fame.

To see the Las Vegas award ceremony, click here.

(Pictured above: Rick Saucedo during Heart Of The King Awards - Las Vegas, 2011)

(Pictured below: Rick Saucedo with Ronny Craig during King Of The World Ceremony - Memphis, 2011)


Click here to see some action from the Hall of Fame show in Memphis

Just when it looked like Rick couldn't make 2011 any more special,
he dug deep into his musical roots and began reinventing himself
as a musician. Returning to the studio in the summer of 2011,
he began a new compilation of original studio material
with a stronger-than-ever passion for music integrity.
Over the course of the summer, Rick wrote and recorded
ten new songs that emphasized his influences in
Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock 'n Roll.

This project, entitled I'm Moving On,
refueled Rick's desire to play music live again,
rather than just sing to a backing track.

As a result, he made the decision to play
live with a band again, but not as Elvis,
but as the man who played a key role in his
songwriting and musical style: Paul McCartney.

For one night only, Rick returned to his own musical roots
and paid tribute to one of the greatest musicians and songwriters
in the history of the world. The man responsible for his interest in songwriting.
It was something he had wanted to do for the longest time,
that started with a rekindled interest in his own original musicianship.

After two decades of strict dedication to Elvis Presley, Rick proved that
he can recapture an audience as an entirely different act, once again,
as he had done once before in the '80s and '90s
during his Redwing and British Import days, while celebrating
the music of Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and Wings.

Playing the Rickenbacker bass and Hofner bass, Rick joined up with
The Change of Habit Band for Christmas With The Great Pretenders,
on November 26, 2011,  at the legendary Sabre Room,
home of another milestone performance
of Rick's career: The 1994 Ambassadors Reunion.

Click here to revisit that November night in 2011

Today, he enjoys spending his time writing and producing music,
watching old movies, and spending time with his wife and animals,
while also supporting the GCFA (Greater Chicagoland Ferret Association) Charity.

In 2012, Rick began a new remastering of his
original album catalog for digital release.
Returning to the original tapes and reels, Rick
has begun a painstaking and tedious process
of tearing apart every original track from every album
in order to remaster and remix previous works
to a new level of sonic quality fit for digital downloads.

These remasters have begun to be released on iTunes,, and cdBaby.

On February 23, 2014 - Rick was recognized by his hometown of Chicago
as he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chicago Music Awards.
Following award recognition in Memphis, TN and Las Vegas, NV - it was the
hometown award that Rick had been waiting for.


(Pictured above: Rick Saucedo, 2010's)

(Pictured below: Rick Saucedo, 2011)


2020 marked the beginning of Rick's sixth decade in the entertainment industry.
He continues to meet fans both new and old, and give 110% each time.

New tracks, albums, fans, and opportunities keep the fire burning for Rick these days.
The latest technology and generation of Elvis fans has kept Rick interested and involved.
Facebook and YouTube have allowed Rick to reach new levels and meet new people
from every corner of the world.

Rick remains a legend in the eyes of many fans and ETAs.
Many of the up-and-coming ETAs have sought advice and studied
the methods and styles of Rick Saucedo.

His career has spanned multiple generations, as children
who saw him back when he started have returned,
now as parents themselves, with their own children,
to see the tribute act that began before
The King of Rock 'n Roll himself passed.



     The 2020's
     The Prince of Rock 'n Roll

2022 marks Rick's 50th year as an Elvis tribute artist,
and 55 years as a singer, songwriter and musician.

This unprecedented milestone establishes Rick
in a very elite class of tribute artists and entertainers,
as Chicago's legendary Prince of Rock 'n Roll.